My latest showreel of 2D animations and designs, mainly made using After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and TV Paint.

The work featured in the showreel includes:

-If you believe in human rights (2018) - Campaign video for Fair Trials

-Genetics and Malaria Control (2018) - explainer animations for Big Data Institute at Oxford Uni

-What is Emergence? (2019) - explainer animation for Quanta Magazine

-Mary Putnam Jacobi exhibit (2019) - part of the Gendered Innovations exhibition at the National Taiwan Science Education Center

-How to Cope with an Avoidant Partner (2018) - made for the School of Life

-Standby (2017) - animation made for EoSphere at Harwell Space Campus

-Of The Apple (2016) - short narrative animation made at Royal College of Art