In-house Animation at Scriberia

For the most part of 2013 I was working as one of two animators at Scriberia, an illustration, animation and graphic facilitation company. I loved it there so much, those guys are great. Below are some of the many projects I worked on during my time there.

  • The Guardian – Made Simple Series

These films are part of an on-going series of explainer videos for The Guardian’s website. They combine under-the-camera drawing and stop-motion style animation with digital manipulation and character animation.

Steven Hawking’s Big Ideas
Role: After Effects animation and composition


Role: After Effects animation, co-direction


The Future of Search
Role: After Effects Animation

  • National Autistic Society
    Role: After Effects animation, composition, involved in storyboarding/direction


  • Public Health
    Role: After Effects animation and composition


  • UK Green Council
    Role: After Effects animation


  • Wildfire/Full of Tomorrow
    Role: After Effects animation


  • How HIV Treatment Works – Body & Soul
    Role: Flash animation


  • Riding for the Disabled – John’s Story
    Role: After Effects/Flash animation, design,co-direction, storyboarding


  • Samsung

Role: Flash/After Effects animation

This is one of many ‘animated scribe’ animations that I worked on at Scriberia. A very economic way of getting a lot of information over in a short space of time.


  • How HIV Treatment Works – Body & Soul
    Role: Flash animation


  • Project Wildthing
    Role: After Effects composition




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