Here is a short film I made recently as part of a documentary project at the Royal College of Art. The idea of "Entrevista/Interview" is pretty simple. My aim was to create My Honest Version of something - in this case a conversation.


The conversation is about people migrating to America, but the film is more about intimacy.


"Objectify" is a short documentary(ish) I made about a museum in Oxford as part of a week-long project at the Royal College of Art this term. https://vimeo.com/150556431

"Is that a good or a bad thing?"

Here's a bit of character animation done in Photoshop. This was part of a lip sync exercise at the Royal College of Art this term. https://vimeo.com/150555911

(If you see this lady in real life, please don't tell her I've put her on the internet.)


This is a silly little "documentary" about Shacklewell Lane I made at the RCA this term. Not too deep really. https://vimeo.com/150556690

National Autistic Society animation online

Quite a while ago now, I worked on an animation for the National Autistic Society (NAS) and I just realised that they now have it online for all to see. The design is by a wonderful illustrator called Laurie Stansfield and the project was a complete joy to work on. One of my favourites. As well as doing the character animation and comping, we worked together on the storyboarding and direction of the film. It was a tricky subject to navigate but I loved every moment. Take a look at the website and the film - it's an incredible organisation. www.autism.org.uk


Recent freelance stuff

So I'll admit, I've been away and not done a whole lot of animating for the last 3 months. But next week I'm starting the MA Animation at RCA so hopefully that'll change sharpish. Anyway, at the beginning of the Summer I worked on a couple of short freelance things with Scriberia, including these:



This was great fun getting some drawing done under the camera. (Not the lovely stuff inside the submarine, only the sea creatures and town.) Good fun, despite the wordy title.

New Model Institute:

I animated these icons for the website of this new university. Very lovely characters, a chance to have some fun - but in as little time as possible.

Alpha Steppa - Rooted and Grounded (Promotional Music Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql82Tbwkvww&noredirect=1 Rooted-animated-2

The dub/bass artist Alpha Steppa recently released his album Rooted and Grounded and I was asked to make this promotional video and animated album cover to celebrate. Visit the shop, take home a record and see if the albums animate in real life.


Music Video for 'Blackbird' by The Coach House Company

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqYtNSEJnJ4 I have recently been making this music video for a lovely folk band called The Coach House Company. They wanted something 'abstract' so I departed from my usual style and went geometric. To my ears, the Sea Shanty style of the song reminded me of a shipwreck. The narrative of the video follows the falling leaves, stones and ship parts as they descend into the deep in the aftermath of the wreck. There's also some magical stuff going on down there.

It was a lot of fun and best of luck to The Coach House Company!

Screentest Student Film Festival 2015 - Director's Panel

screentest Me pretending to talk interestingly.

The other week I was invited to be on a panel at Screentest Student Film Festival. The Meet the Directors Panel included me and 3 short live action directors, all of whom had different experiences of film making. It was really interesting to hear the contrasts between the live action and animation processes, and also the similar struggles in funding etc that can't be avoided. Although I felt somewhat of a fraud being up there, (Director? Me?) I think some of the audience found it interesting, and it was nice chatting to them afterwards too.

Good fun all round, thank you so much Screentest! We need things like you!

Into Film Club- The Blood of the Bear (and I) visit a Liverpool Primary School

BloodOfBear The other day I visited Liverpool for the first time, and although I only really saw the rainy view out the train station window, I had an amazing time.

Some lovely people at Into Film invited me to visit one of the school film clubs they have been supporting to show my film and answer a few questions from the students. They are doing some amazing work to promote interest in films and animations in schools, and as well as having a short film tour across the country, they also are helping schools to set up these film clubs. According to a teacher I spoke to they prove extremely popular.

I visited an extremely entertaining and excitable Year 4 class and my oh my, it was fun.

After screening my short animation The Blood of the Bear and a short Q&A with a grown-up, I was subjected to a barrage of questions from the 50 or so kids, all who had prepared at least 3 questions for me. They ranged from, 'Where do you get your inspiration from?' to 'Do you have a boyfriend?" and you could tell that some of the kids really engaged with the film. Many of them had pictures they had drawn of things that cheer them up when they are upset, and as I walking around talking to them about their drawings I got the feeling that one or two of them really got a lot out of the afternoon.

Just in case any Year 4 kids are reading this who missed the session, answers to some FAQs can be found below: 26 years old. No, I don't have any kids. Beyonce. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

A super fun day - and certainly surreal at times - and I'm extremely grateful to the lovely people at Into Film who run the programme. You're doing wonderful work!

"The Blood of the Bear" at Chester Film Festival 2015

At the beginning of March, The Blood of the Bear was screened at this year's Animation Showcase at Chester Film Festival. I would have loved to go and the venue looked amazing - go check it out on the website, absolutely beautiful. Thank you Chester! http://www.festival.chesterfilmfans.co.uk/?page_id=227

Found a little review

I just came across a review of some of the films from the Mauvais Genre Film Festival at L’Autre Monde website. The Blood of the Bear got three sentences and they were in French so that's even better: Animation façon feuille de papier collées. La thématique de la mort du père y est traitée avec douceur et délicatesse. Une belle découverte, même si nous ne sommes pas amateurs de ce type d'animation.

Apparently that means: Glued paper animation. The theme of the father's death is treated with gentleness and delicacy. Nice find, although we are not fans of this type of animation.

Thanks guys! Even if you're not fans, it's nice to be mentioned.

New Showreel for 2015

My showreel was in definite need of an update, so here it is. An exciting new showreel for exciting new 2015. https://vimeo.com/116200545

The Blood of the Bear at 'Into Film Festival'

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 20.59.24 1 The great people at Into Film Festival approached me to ask to include 'The Blood of the Bear' in the Primary School compilation of the Into Film Festival this November.

It has always been a wonderful experience for me to have children watch my film. I'm often delighted at how much young kids understand of the themes, and all the better if they actually enjoy it.

Also, it was wonderful to be alongside some other great films that I recognise from Encounters Festival last year, including A Productions' 'Sun'. I really love that sun.

Thank you so much Into Film and the British Council, what a great opportunity.

Hand-drawn posters

While I was volunteering in Guatemala I made some simple hand-drawn posters. They promote hikes for the charity I was working for. If you happen to visit Xela, you might see some on the walls around town.