School Visit with Into Film

img_0056 This July I went to visit a London primary school film club with a couple of lovely ladies from Into Film. This wonderful project supports schools and helps teachers to set up film clubs, providing them with everything they need to get kids interested and involved in discussions about films.

This film club had been doing some sessions on my short film, The Blood of the Bear, so when Into Film asked if I'd go along and answer some of their questions I was delighted to take them up on the offer! After re-watching the animation we did a Q&A with the kids, which is always one of the most inspiring things to do. The subject of the film is potentially tricky to discuss with young children as it is about the death of a parent. Despite this, it was clear from their questions that they understood the premise and engaged with it emotionally. It is never more rewarding than watching the kids' reactions to the film; when they went silent and when they laughed. The teacher said some of them had to cover their eyes at the scary bits on the first viewing (although they fervently denied this in front of me!).

There was then a film poster competition, which I had to judge. They created beautiful drawings for my film and it was terrible to have to pick who won the chocolates.

Thank you Art Conway Primary School and Into Film for having me at your event! It was a genuinely inspiring experience and I'd be back any time.