National Autistic Society animation online

Quite a while ago now, I worked on an animation for the National Autistic Society (NAS) and I just realised that they now have it online for all to see. The design is by a wonderful illustrator called Laurie Stansfield and the project was a complete joy to work on. One of my favourites. As well as doing the character animation and comping, we worked together on the storyboarding and direction of the film. It was a tricky subject to navigate but I loved every moment. Take a look at the website and the film - it's an incredible organisation.

Recent freelance stuff

So I'll admit, I've been away and not done a whole lot of animating for the last 3 months. But next week I'm starting the MA Animation at RCA so hopefully that'll change sharpish. Anyway, at the beginning of the Summer I worked on a couple of short freelance things with Scriberia, including these:


This was great fun getting some drawing done under the camera. (Not the lovely stuff inside the submarine, only the sea creatures and town.) Good fun, despite the wordy title.

New Model Institute:

I animated these icons for the website of this new university. Very lovely characters, a chance to have some fun - but in as little time as possible.

Animation layouts

Here are some animation layouts from an animation we made at Scriberia. (Character designs by Rachel Sale)boy leaps rowing machine

Just saw our work on Newsnight

Just watched yesterday's Newsnight to see a surprise clip of some animation we made for Project Wild Thing! Now If I ever meet Paxman at a party I know how to break the ice. The filmmaker David Bond took part in a heated discussion about getting kids outdoors, watch it here (just after Russell Brand):

We're going to go see the film and our animated bits (pioneered by illustrator James Munro) this very weekend, it's going to be great.

Here's a clip:

Run Forrest

Boy-leaps All these characters that I've animated have been designed by Rachel Sale for a lovely project at Scriberia.

Stephen Hawking's Big Ideas - Made Simple This video we made at Scriberia for Guardian Science went online on Thursday and since then has had over 65,000 views and has apparently been retweeted by Mia Farrow! Good lord.

The video aims to make simple some of Stephen Hawking's key concepts. Mia Farrow says, 'It's the best thing since sliced bread' and that's a direct quote. (No it's not).

Thanks Mia! ...Ms Farrow. Sir.

Riding for the Disabled - John's Story, now online We at Scriberia have recently finished an animation for the lovely people at the Riding for the Disabled Association. It was a wonderful project to work on and a really worthy cause.

They always need volunteers so take a look on the website if you're interested in helping out:

Scriberia's Showreel Helped put together Scriberia's showreel today. Shamelessly crammed it full of things I've worked on, although it's probably about half and half. Great fun animating the chicken logo at the end though!

3 of our films play at festival in Cannes..!

Well Cannes Lions Festival. During a presentation. But still it was fun and there was a live youtube feed so we could watch people watch our animations in Cannes from all the way over in London. What an age we live in. Here's the first of the epic Wildfire Trilogy: Manflu 2.0

This film shows the first scenario of how brands could use technology to seamlessly enter our everyday lives.

Great fun to animate! And great characters/designs from illustrator Robert Ball. Thanks to Contagious for the lovely project.