"Of The Apple" screened at Melbourne International Animation Festival

eve-sees-tree_6 eve

My first year film from the RCA, Of The Apple, was played at MIAF (Melbourne International Animation Festival) as part of a screening named "Nudity in Animation" which I appreciate greatly. Something else I appreciate greatly is the film being played alongside beautiful Alice de Barrau's Lying Belly. A truly talented woman that the world misses. Other extremely talented RCA alumni Josh Saunders, Oscar Lewis, Joana Silva and Sophie Markatatos also had their graduation films screened at MIAF. It's great to think how far away our films can spread. Hopefully they will make their way home too one day.

Thank you very much MIAF!


"Of The Apple" screened at Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival

eve-picks-up-baby_7 Of The Apple was recently screened as part of the student programme at Monstra Animated Film Festival, alongside my incredible classmates Yuriko Ogawa and Marta Reis Andrade. This is my first year film from the RCA. Were it not for the second year film sapping all the time and life out of me I would have definitely gone to visit Monstra Film Festival - there was so much great stuff being screened.

Thank you so much Monstra, I'm very grateful for Monstra being the first official festival screening for my film Of The Apple!


Goodbye to the Royal College of Art

The last two years at the RCA have been as exciting and stressful and rewarding and painful as I could have hoped. It is strange to be describing it in the past tense already, as it seems so recent that I was going to WHSmith and getting my new scholastic pencil case ready to begin the course. It is difficult to get across what a great time I have had. I have learnt so much and I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to spend time with our tutors and the other amazingly talented students on our course. I am going to thoroughly miss it and I'm extremely grateful that I was able to go. I love you lovely animation Animals!


BOIL: RCA Animation 1st Year Screening


Tonight at 7pm we will be screening our beloved short films from our 1st year on the animation course at the RCA. I made this showreel for the event to present our work in the context of the community  in which they were made. Although many of us are now getting stuck into the 2nd year work it was great fun to revisit last year, jump in face-first and roll around in our own films.

FAFF to play Entrevista/Interview

https://vimeo.com/183032046 I went along to the Factual Animation Film Fuss last year just before I started studying at the Royal College of Art and it really inspired me towards the use of 'creative non-fiction'. This year my short film Entrevista/Interview is being played as part of the festival, which is really exciting. About half a second of it can be seen in the festival trailer above.

Do go along to Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel, next weekend (30th Sept-2nd Oct) and maybe I'll see you down there!

Thanks a lot FAFF, I hope to meet you shortly!

More information here: Factual Animation Film Fuss


Here is a short film I made recently as part of a documentary project at the Royal College of Art. The idea of "Entrevista/Interview" is pretty simple. My aim was to create My Honest Version of something - in this case a conversation.


The conversation is about people migrating to America, but the film is more about intimacy.


"Objectify" is a short documentary(ish) I made about a museum in Oxford as part of a week-long project at the Royal College of Art this term. https://vimeo.com/150556431

"Is that a good or a bad thing?"

Here's a bit of character animation done in Photoshop. This was part of a lip sync exercise at the Royal College of Art this term. https://vimeo.com/150555911

(If you see this lady in real life, please don't tell her I've put her on the internet.)


This is a silly little "documentary" about Shacklewell Lane I made at the RCA this term. Not too deep really. https://vimeo.com/150556690