The other day I received an email newsletter from Ideastap and it had a still from my degree film 'Forget Me Not' in it! Then I clicked on the link and Ideastap are using a still from the film as the caption image for an event called 'Entering the Industry: Animation'. Which was weird but nice, so thanks Ideastap! ideastap

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Designs - 'Forget Me Not'

Some designs from my short film, Forget Me Not (2010). Production still:Head turns

Design development:Style development

Production still:Ruined Flowers2

Production still:martin still

Production still:She decides hes nothing to be scared of

Background design:yellow town

'Forget Me Not' screened at BFI Future Film Festival

Just as my new film The Blood of the Bear comes kicking and screaming into the world, I am reminded of the jealous first-born; my degree film Forget Me Not. It may be older now and not as cute as it used to be but it's nice to let it out of the house once in a while. This afternoon Forget Me Not  was lucky enough to be screened at the BFI (the BFG of institutes) as part of the BFI Future Film Festival. It was the first time I've attended this wonderfully positive and motivating event and I couldn't be more happy to head down, watch some great student animations and listen to interesting Industry People give useful advice on how to ensure that you are part of this 'Future' that is so widely desired.

I found this session -a Q&A with animators all from varied viewpoints- no less than invigorating and have found myself thinking that maybe everything's going to be allll-right. Maybe I could make another film or something!

So thanks, Gary Thomas, and animators Alan Warburton, Jo Lawrence and Fred Deakin for some industrial insight and a bit of optimism for today's recession freelancer.

And for once, here's the breaded face of the flower seller from Forget Me Not, may he remain unforgotten.

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 23.58.12

Forget Me Not reviewed (briefly) as part of Hackney Film Festival

This lovely review from the Hackney Citizen describes some of the films on offer including ...skip to the end... "Lottie Kingslake’s Forget Me Not, a highly accomplished and aesthetically pleasing animation in which a market flower seller narrates the tale of a memory-less man." Thanks Citizens! Nice to be one of you.

Forget Me Not wins Emerging Filmmaker prize at Hackney Film Festival

We went down this afternoon to the amazing Hackney Picturehouse to watch the seven films being shown as part of Hackney Film Festival's Emerging Filmmakers screening. There was a great mix of animations, documentary and interesting characters. Despite the extreme heat, perhaps generated from all the excitement, it was really enjoyable and makes me remember that I really have to go to the cinema more often (Picturehouse seats; soo comfortable). There was a vote at the end and the audience chose my animation Forget Me Not as their favourite, so thanks a giant bunch! Hackney Film Festival extends its immense kindness by sending me and the crews of 2 other chosen films on a 'Filmmaking masterclass' details TBC. Maybe they thought mine was a desperate case.

Either way, thanks so much HFF! See you next year!

Sol Cinema screens Forget Me Not at Bestival

Forget Me Not is going to played in the Sol Cinema at Bestival! It's a new tiny venue powered completely by the great almighty Sol. It has limited seating so get there early. In fact, I have no idea when it's being played so just to be safe I'd get in there on Thursday morning and sit out the weekend in the nice, dry caravan.

Haven't blogged anything in a while, can you tell?

Here's a link look!

I will have work showed at Aniscape next last weekend (tense issues)

Once again my poor time-travelling has served me ill. I need to keep track of dates better but "Forget Me Not" and "I Just Wondered Why" were screened in the background of Aniscape, a first time animation festival in Leicester last weekend. It all sounded like great fun with screenings of The Iron Giant and The Illusionist- a miracle of modern engineering- and I'm sad to have missed it. Let's hope for a next year! Thanks a lot, Aniscape!

Bit late but...

"Forget Me Not" and "I Just Wondered Why" will both be screening in about -2 hours at BocaBar, Bristol as part of the CineMe 3 Animation Night. So if you're capable of time travel then get down there 2 hours ago and pick me up on the way.

Screentest: National Student Film Award Nomination - Best Animation

"Forget Me Not" has been nominated for Best Animation at the Screentest Student Film Festival and will be screened at the Roxy Bar & Screen in March. "Forget Me Not" has visited this great venue once before and will be extremely happy to visit an old friend once again. Thanks so much Screentest! See you on Saturday 24th March at 8pm at the Roxy Bar & Screen!

"Forget Me Not" shortlisted for Watersprite Film Festival: 24-26th Feb

My degree film may be starting to show the 7 signs of ageing (lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, appearance of pores, blotches and age spots, dry skin, and dullness if you're wondering) but it could just have a glimmer of life left in it. "Forget Me Not" has been shortlisted for two awards at the Watersprite Student Film Festival, the Animation Award and the Best Original Screenplay Award.

Thanks Watersprite! I look forward to seeing all the other student films in attendance, including fellow UWE Art Foundationer Joe Wallace et al's "The Man Who Was Afraid Of Falling". Bloody good filmmaking.

"Forget Me Not" wins Shepton Digi Fest Short Animation Showcase Award

After a perilous drive of obnoxious dashboard beeping and disconcerting exclamation marks we arrived at the Shepton Digital Arts Festival last night. They've taken over an amazing space in the vast penthouse of a retail centre. Covered in atmospheric colour-changing lights and with a little bar/cafe (with free cake!), this great room made it all feel very exciting. There were some great films in the different categories and a wide variety, as well as many fellow UWE animation graduates which makes me proud to see. "Forget Me Not" was chosen as the winner of the Short Animation Showcase and I was given a cool trophy (My First Trophy) and a fancy bottle of fizziness and glory. I'm sad to have missed all the great workshops and events that went on over the festival, but by the sounds of it they completely sold out which is great news for this new festival. I will certainly be keeping up-to-date with the fun at next years festival and hopefully taking part again.

Thanks so much Shepton! You've done an amazing job with the festival and I know the South West appreciates it tremendously .

(photo was stolen, if anyone minds I shall remove)

"Forget Me Not" shortlisted for Shepton Digital Arts Festival showcase competition

This great festival has said they are playing my film "Forget Me Not" on Saturday night and I'm really excited. This proud local festival celebrates the digital arts in all its forms from all across the South West. They've got loads of amazing free workshops that I've got in too late to book; if I thought a free workshop with Aardman modelmakers would not be fully booked two days before it starts I'd have been very much wrong. Now I just have to work out how to get out from Bristol to Shepton Mallet and back on a Saturday night using public transport. A quest I fear I will fail at.

Read more!

Wallpaper* Short Animation Award for Forget Me Not

Barbican Animate: The screening Yesterday evening we took up a trip up to the Barbican in London for the screening of my short animation Forget Me Not, along with the 5 other winners of the Ideastap and Barbican: Animate! Competition. All our films got to be shown before feature films during the Barbican's amazing Watch Me Move: The Animation Show which could keep you happily entertained for an age (get down there now, this weekend is its last!). I was lucky enough to have my film played before Studio Ghibli's Arriety which I'm dead happy about.

To top it all off, all our films were put to a reader's vote on the Wallpaper* Magazine website and Forget Me Not received the most votes (goody bag!). All the animations were really lovely, with some amazing models and great comic timing so take a gander at all of them on the Wallpaper* website. (I do love Betty by Jessica Wainwright, the perfect welsh gran).

I had a great time at the Barbican and although I should've left a whole day to look round the exhibition (most informative) and the drunk guys on the train home could've shut up for just one second, it's not every day you get given a free fancy phone, some fancy shampoos and copies of Wallpaper* with free 3D glasses. In fact, those 3D glasses might come in handy at work for the Chapman 3D project.

Suspiciously handy...

Thanks so much Ideastap, Wallpaper* and the Barbican for putting together this wonderful opportunity for us to screen our films! My first acquaintance with your briefs shall not be my last. (...or something?)



CineMe presents "Anime" on 13th September

This animation film night will be playing my short film "Forget Me Not" and if they play it late enough I might be there to introduce it. (Got a new screenwriting course starting that evening: will it be lame? will it be great? I'll find out on the 13th) Hopefully see you there!