Into Film Club- The Blood of the Bear (and I) visit a Liverpool Primary School

BloodOfBear The other day I visited Liverpool for the first time, and although I only really saw the rainy view out the train station window, I had an amazing time.

Some lovely people at Into Film invited me to visit one of the school film clubs they have been supporting to show my film and answer a few questions from the students. They are doing some amazing work to promote interest in films and animations in schools, and as well as having a short film tour across the country, they also are helping schools to set up these film clubs. According to a teacher I spoke to they prove extremely popular.

I visited an extremely entertaining and excitable Year 4 class and my oh my, it was fun.

After screening my short animation The Blood of the Bear and a short Q&A with a grown-up, I was subjected to a barrage of questions from the 50 or so kids, all who had prepared at least 3 questions for me. They ranged from, 'Where do you get your inspiration from?' to 'Do you have a boyfriend?" and you could tell that some of the kids really engaged with the film. Many of them had pictures they had drawn of things that cheer them up when they are upset, and as I walking around talking to them about their drawings I got the feeling that one or two of them really got a lot out of the afternoon.

Just in case any Year 4 kids are reading this who missed the session, answers to some FAQs can be found below: 26 years old. No, I don't have any kids. Beyonce. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

A super fun day - and certainly surreal at times - and I'm extremely grateful to the lovely people at Into Film who run the programme. You're doing wonderful work!