The Blood the Bear at LUC Film Festival

Another lovely review, this time from the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival! "Striking a more serious tone, The Blood of The Bear tells the story of a young boy letting go of his dying father. The film takes place in a world resembling a scrap-book of William Morris wallpaper, where even the birds and snow are endowed with ornate floral patterns. Ed Scolding provides an accomplished score, with a desolate sounding fiddle capturing the fragility of the little boy’s situation. Ultimately, we are not sure whether parts of the film are supernatural or figments of the child’s imagination – but this does not really matter, because for every ounce of ambiguity in this short, there is a ton of sincerity. Touching and compassionate, The Blood of The Bear is a heartfelt fantasy that comments upon a very real and worldly set of experiences, relevant to anyone who has or will experience the loss of a loved one – which is to say, that it is quietly universal in its appeal." (Benn Veasey)

Thanks so much, Benn Veasey! Very kind of you to write such things.

And thanks to LUC Festival for letting me participate in this great festival!

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