People say things about The Blood of the Bear

I think this is the first official 'review' of The Blood of the Bear, from beloved Skwigly Online Animation Magazine's coverage of Encounters Film Festival! "The Blood of the Bear failed to fall into the trap so many films of its ilk do, by keeping the story short and sweet."

Well, I think that's a compliment? I like things that are short and sweet, such as Shirley Temple and this review. Thanks Skwigly! It's an honour to be mentioned.

Also, The Blood of the Bear will be screening this week at Ars Independent International Film Festival and just listen to this eloquent and quite beautiful description of the film written for the programme:

"The story of a boy’s farewell to his sick father, who manifests himself to his son as a polar bear. The boy’s symbolic coming of age happens through the falling snow, of lethal, but also cleansing properties. Leaving the world of imagination turns out to be a traumatic experience for the hero, who will have to face the death of his loved one in order to achieve solace." (Mateusz Góra)

How lovely, thank you all at Ars Independent International Film Festival and especially to Mateusz Góra, a certain poet.