Encounters Film Festival to screen The Blood of the Bear!

I am extremely excited to say that The Blood of the Bear has been selected for Animated Encounters 2013! I almost used more than one exclamation mark, that's how excited I am. Running from the 17th -22nd September in my beloved Bristol, Encounters Short Film Festival is a wonderful event, one that I had the pleasure of volunteering at a couple of years ago. I am completely excited to be coming back and seeing the screenings which I was so impressed by in past years.

I had a bit of a taster the other day at the London Launch screening and it only made me look forward to it more - all the films were great!

There are some really great films on the programme, including Matthew Walker's The Lonely Dodo, which is simply lovely.

I feel really honoured to be able to come to Encounters, thank you so much!

See you there: http://www.encounters-festival.org.uk/


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