Scriberian animation relocation!

So after getting my computer stolen (2 weeks of work lost) and making a cardboard cat film that no one will now ever get to see (2 more weeks of work lost, that makes 4) my wonderful holiday in Scriberia has become a permanent relocation! I am extremely excited to be working full-time at such a fun place - did I mention the cardboard cat film??? - and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in to some new projects in new animation styles.

Thank you so much Chris and Dan for making me feel so welcome! I've got a great feeling about this

And in that vein, here's some recent work we did for the Guardian Technology website:

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 13.02.59

Although the reclusive ugly cardboard sister is not allowed out of the house, here's a link to the beautiful hand-drawn princess that is 'The Future of Search - Made Simple - An Animated Guide"

It has already generated some great comments so go take a gander. It's got cats in it.