"The Blood of the Bear" finally finished!

So with the help of Ideastap's Short Film Fund I have finally finished production of my short animation, The Blood of the Bear! It feels like it's taken a while but I've had so much fun and met lots of friendly and helpful people along the way. Doing the sound has been an absolute pleasure, and somewhat of a family affair with my beautiful niece Daisy doing the voice of 'Rory', my brother Jack doing the sound design and my sister-in-law Myf playing the mum. I'm so glad they were on board, it really has made the film feel real. Add this to the amazing original soundtrack from the very talented Ed Scolding and the Hardanger fiddle playing of Dermot Crehan, and I am extremely excited.

Thanks also to Sherbet and Made Visual Studio for letting me work from there as well as your feedback and help, it's been great having people to consult and talk to.

So now it's ready I just have to find the cable to our projector, buy some nibbles and the screening will begin. Not that many nibbles though, it's only five minutes long.

Me and Daisy

Here's me, Daisy and an under-study 'Bear' in the attic recording studio.