The last few months

The more blog-worthy my activities the less blog-active I am. I've been feverishly working to get more done on my film, The Blood of a Bear, which is still evolving. The name is getting less and less relevant but I've grown attached to it so I'm keeping it unless I get a unwarranted Thought. For the last few weeks I've been working from the zen-like calm of Sherbert's Faringdon studio. It's been really perfect, getting help from friendly animating types and some really wonderful guidance from Jonathan Bairstow. Working with other people really makes you realise how much talent and expertise there is out there, and gives you the enthusiasm to go grab some of it for yourself. Peering over people's shoulders I saw some very beautiful beginnings. Thanks Jonathan! I have also been working with Scriberia, another bunch of extremely friendly flowers. I love the endearing 50s style graphics I've been working with on this HIV charity video that demonstrates scientific and emotive information in a tactful and simple way. It has reawakened my appreciation for Flash and been a right laugh. Thanks Dan!

This week I'm working at Made Visual studios on something pretty different to my normal folky style but no less enjoyable. Putting my photoshop skills to the test I'm helping to create an animatic for an advert from a campaign that I actually like! And adverts are usually rubbish! The small team I've joined couldn't be friendlier or easier to work with, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Thanks Justin!

Then next week I shall go back to tearing my hair out at the huge job I have to finish The Blood of a Bear before February. 2012 has been a strange year on all accounts, I think the Mayans have the right idea.