Me and Lynda, Lynda and I

Well, the Graham Chapman 3D project has wrapped itself up in a neat little package and that can mean only one thing for me. I've handed in my 3D glasses.

I can't say how much fun I've had over the last couple of months at Arthur Cox. Everybody has been so lovely and fun to work with and I am ever grateful to the animation philanthropist Sarah for giving me lots of amazing chances to help. (philanimatianthropist..? no, too much.)

I've learnt to love coffee (in liquid and chocolate bean form) as well as an unusual amount of After Effects' opinions on 3D rendering and I will definitely miss the daily challenge.

So to fill the Python-shaped void I've taken up with! I have fallen in love with this online tutorial goddess and my plan is to completely learn EVERYTHING, starting with Flash. Seeing Matt Walker's Flash-animated sections on the Chapman project has definitely changed me from a nay- to a yeasayer and I'm determined to learn it.

Maybe then my dreams won't have a Left Eye Comp and a Right Eye Comp and I can sleep soundly without depth budgets and points of interest flying around my brain.

Thanks so much Arthur Cox!