Project Chapman 3D fun

While I'm waiting for the final version of "I Just Wondered Why" to render I can say a bit about this amazing project I've been working on at the moment. Arthur Cox is one of the many wonderful animation companies that are contributing to a feature film based on the life and autobiography of Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame. The best (?) bit is, it's in stereoscopic 3D and we're all getting our heads around how that even works. I am helping on George Sander-Jackson's section whose oil-on-glass animation technique has been described by the project as "probably the most challenging in the whole film"; a great challenge to be set indeed. I am truly loving working at Arthur Cox, compositing and building the animation using George's beautiful images and animation. And to top it off, I get to wear these awesome 3D specs.

Thanks so much for having me Arthur Cox! I'm having a whale of a ball.

Here's a tad more info from the Project Chapman guys and a little sneaky picture on the Arthur Cox website: