Synopsis for "Recollections"

Above a mountain village lived a man born without memories. Everyday he spent tending to his garden in the mist and every night he crept into the village to steal a hair. Or more precisely, the memory within the hair, which he planted in his garden, taking the memory for his own.

One night he accidently woke a sleeping villager. The girl awoke fearful, but soon decided to follow him on his expedition for a new memory. He led her to visit the bedrooms of three sleeping villagers, enjoying his adventure much more with new company.

As the sun came up, he took her to see his mountain garden. He showed her how he planted the hairs and the way of seeing the memory within the new flower-head.

Before long it was time for the girl to head back into the village, somewhere that the man wouldn’t dare go in the daytime. They said goodbye, excitedly awaiting nightfall and their second meeting.

But that night a terrible storm engulfed the mountain, destroying the garden and all the memories stored within it. As the storm subsided the girl ran to see the man but he had forgotten everything, including their night together.

She was distraught and decided to plant her own memories of their time together into his garden. This sadly left her having forgotten him completely. Confused and tired, she started to return home.

The man’s memories of her revived, he shouted to the girl, but she ignored him and returned to the village.

That night he went to her window, but she was asleep. He placed a flower on her window ledge as a reminder of the garden she had once visited.

A week later the girl had a vase full of his flowers. She still could not remember the man she could see in the flower-head.

He remains waiting on the mountaintop, with only his memories of her to keep him company.