Design work

“Of The Apple” (2016)

Of The Apple is a film I made in my first year at the RCA.

“Standby” for eOsphere (2017) During the Summer in 2017 I worked on a project with eOsphere, a remote monitoring company. They were looking for interesting visuals on the subject of how satellite imaging can assist in fighting, in this case, forest fires. This became a short film called “Standby” featuring painted landscapes, abstract interpretations of satellite data and […]

Fair Trials (2018)

Isabel Morales Bondy and I directed this campaign animation for Fair Trials, due for release later this year. We combined live action footage from 3 real life human rights abuse stories with hand-painted rotoscoped animation.

Genetics and Malaria Control -BDI (2018)

This year I have been working closely with the people at the Big Data Institute at Oxford University. They wanted 3 films to help explain basic genetics in order to demonstrate the benefits of collecting genetic data in the fight against malaria. I worked with them from the initial concepts, scripts, storyboards, designs and animation […]