Wallpaper* Short Animation Award for Forget Me Not

Barbican Animate: The screening

Yesterday evening we took up a trip up to the Barbican in London for the screening of my short animation Forget Me Not, along with the 5 other winners of the Ideastap and Barbican: Animate! Competition. All our films got to be shown before feature films during the Barbican’s amazing Watch Me Move: The Animation Show which could keep you happily entertained for an age (get down there now, this weekend is its last!). I was lucky enough to have my film played before Studio Ghibli’s Arriety which I’m dead happy about.

To top it all off, all our films were put to a reader’s vote on the Wallpaper* Magazine website and Forget Me Not received the most votes (goody bag!). All the animations were really lovely, with some amazing models and great comic timing so take a gander at all of them on the Wallpaper* website. (I do love Betty by Jessica Wainwright, the perfect welsh gran).

I had a great time at the Barbican and although I should’ve left a whole day to look round the exhibition (most informative) and the drunk guys on the train home could’ve shut up for just one second, it’s not every day you get given a free fancy phone, some fancy shampoos and copies of Wallpaper* with free 3D glasses. In fact, those 3D glasses might come in handy at work for the Chapman 3D project.

Suspiciously handy…

Thanks so much Ideastap, Wallpaper* and the Barbican for putting together this wonderful opportunity for us to screen our films! My first acquaintance with your briefs shall not be my last. (…or something?)






2 thoughts on “Wallpaper* Short Animation Award for Forget Me Not

  1. Hiya Lottie,

    It’s Jessica Wainwright (who made Betty). Thank you for such lovely words, but I definitely agree with the voters that the best man (woman… haha) won!

    Well done 🙂

    What is the 3D project you’re doing or have done with Chapman? Are you local to them?

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