8 Minutes Idle Shoot

OMG such fun. I just spent two days helping as a production assistant on the 8 Minutes Idle pick up shoot and what an amazing time I had. This Bristol-based bonanza of a feature film is about the lives of some uninspired call-centre workers (apparently under-paid but surprisingly well-dressed and handsome) and is simply great. I had so much fun on the set, flitting from location to location and getting to see some really talented professionals at work. I learnt so much, and I even made it in the film as “The Receptionist”, (had a good ole natter with “Bryan”/Robert Wilfort) as well as a couple of supporting roles as passers-by. Thanks Arthur Cox and co for letting us pitch in, I can’t wait to see the finished edit!

Here’s the F***book page, fun stills to be found: Β http://www.facebook.com/EightMinutesIdle


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