Forget Me Not Judgements – “A surprising love story inspires a surreal collage…”

Some feedback has been published about the winning films of the Ideastap & Barbican:Animate! competition. It’s great to get any kind of feedback, especially the nice kind so thank you!  (Also, thanks to the person whose “innovative use of pipe cleaners” got me this undeserved compliment!)

What the Barbican judges said about Forget Me Not:

This was wonderful, a really lovely fable story. The engaging narration was funny and not too overbearing. I was taken along by the yarn. A nice twist at the end and great character animation. I really enjoyed this.’ – Mike Please

A lovely story, an original idea and an innovative use of pipe cleaners!’ – Olivia Humphreys

‘Loved it. The animation, the script and the voice performances worked together to produce an impressive piece of animation.  The story of a flower seller who tells a tale to persuade customers to buy his flowers, with its dry, witty humour, was highly inventive.’ – Robert Rider

The Judges:

Olivia Humphreys – Young animator, IdeasTap member and Ideas Fund winner
Mike Please – BAFTA Award winning animator
Jayne Pilling – Director, British Animation Awards
Meirion Pritchard – Art Director, Wallpaper
Robert Rider – Head of Cinema, Barbican
Tim Webb – Animator (A is for Autism) and Senior Tutor at the RCA


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